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You can go ahead and thank yourself for taking this step.

This step seems insignificant, but it's about to be the most important action of your life.

Representing the Top 1% of Real Estate Professionals, as an Exclusive REALM Member.

Meet Kaelei Atarahti
founder + CEO of Atarahti Group, powered by eXp + REALM

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Kaelei Atarahti Real Estate

Welcome to my Personal Story.

Growing up near Whitefish, Montana, my Mom -- a Broker -- frequently encouraged me to join her in real estate. I resisted for years!

I was focused on my full-time schedule as a pre-med student and Certified Nurse-aide for home care, and hospice.

Then, everything changed -- I attended a seminar on real estate investing by Robert Kiyosaki during my college years in Denver. There, I decided to pursue real estate as a means to financial freedom + retirement. There is no better investment.

After college, I sharpened my natural marketing + business development talents at my parent's companies. My mom offered to help me get my real estate license. I realized doing that was a smart move to enhance my knowledge + streamline future investments.

Getting my license opened a new chapter in my life.

I fell in love with my first clients' processes -- forming lasting friendships with them, including with High Profile, HNW individuals who encouraged me!

Experiencing my clients' joy + gratitude fueled my passion.

Helping all my clients navigate smooth transitions + transactions has been woven into the fabric of my being. I also developed a deep appreciation for the intricacies of real estate deals, from contractual details to due diligence research.

And... I became addicted to + inspired by the culture of 5-Star brands -- like The Four Seasons + Maserati. Quickly, my passions + expertise led my previous team as #1 in the State of MT multiple times.

More recently, I've found joy in utilizing my expertise toward mixed-use development contracts + neighborhood developments. (just to start).

Today, I'm grateful to assist people in achieving their ideal lifestyles through successful real estate transactions in Whitefish and the greater Flathead Valley. It's an honor to be part of their journey, making dreams come true one property at a time.

I built the Atarahti Group on the foundation of my story as a 2nd generation Realtor raised in Montana + passionate about helping people be better off than when I met them. Curious to learn more?

Let's connect + explore the fascinating world of real estate together.


Why wait to speak with an expert about your options -- in an increasingly competitive market?

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REALM agents are the BEST agents. Literally.

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Want to Learn More?

6479 Hwy 93, #401

Whitefish, MT, 59937

Tel: 46-333-1848

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